Auckland PHO

As a Primary Health Organisation in the Not for Profit Health Sector our funder contracts often span multiple financial years and as such the auditing of our financial accounts is a fairly complex process. We were previously audited by a larger “Big Four” audit firm who sent inexperienced junior staff to conduct the field work each year and this was time consuming, costly and frustrating for our Finance team. In light of this, the PHO’s Finance Audit and Risk Committee sought expressions of interest from the sector for an audit firm that could meet our requirements.

During the tender process we were looking for a firm that could guarantee continuity of experienced field staff, management and partners. We were looking for a firm who could provide value and service beyond the traditional audit whilst ensuring the least disruption to the already busy finance team during their audit. We wanted a consistent, competent flexible team that were familiar with the Health Industry Sector.

After an extensive review process GK Audit was appointed as Auckland PHO’s Auditors. During the past three years GK Audit have continued to impress us with their professionalism, efficiency and high level of service and most importantly our finance team believe GK Audit are an asset to our organisation.
If you are looking for an audit firm that adds real value, strives to understand your business, and is committed to being a long-term partner, you should talk to GK Audit, we highly recommend them.